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UHRA News - October 2020

BLOG 1/20

Welcome to an overdue Report from UHRA. We are pleased to advise we now have added Secretarial resources and commencing Friday 9th October 2020 we will be resuming our Weekly Friday Blog on Facebook Twitter and Email.


We have had an excellent response to our Membership Letter which accompanied HRNSW License Mailout. Our Membership Drive commenced before this mailout, has continued and will continue ‘on course’ when COVID restrictions are lifted. In reference to COVID it has been difficult to put out News with things changing daily.

With the unfortunate Industry situation of Local Trainer and Driver Associations declining the UHRA will represent all valid issues and will continue to seek input and Committee Representation from all Regions. In saying that, it is appreciated this may be difficult at times but we have always operated on a clear majority basis. UHRA is a Member of HRICG and meets with HRNSW bi-monthly (COVID has made this difficult however we have made our best efforts in this area). If you overlooked your Subscription a Membership Form is on our website.

All inquiries and correspondence are in confidence

The following was UHRA position on recent Issues:


- Prizemoney – there should be no change compared to last season (2019/20)

- Trainer Commission – this should be increased from 5% to 7.5% (or whatever may be agreed in the meantime) on all placegetters

- The current BC conditions are far too complicated

- There should be a 4yo Series

- Every nominated horse should be guaranteed a Heat run (we should have clarified ‘Major Race Series’ here)


UHRA opposed HRNSW original position to cease BONUS for 5 YO and Older BC Horses first win. We are pleased to see position partly reversed (until 31 August 2021)

HRNSW SURVEY Prizemoney Differential between A & B Meeting Races

UHRA will not submit an Association Position rather than leave it to individuals to respond.

We will be back again next Friday!


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