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First Edition - UHRA Weekly Blog

Welcome to the first edition of UHRA Weekly Blog where we will detail pertinent Industry issues and keep you updated with UHRA action issues.

Below is an extract of our previous Meetings' Minutes:

* Elected (unopposed) Committee at AGM 31st January : Darren McCall , Gavin Fitzpatrick , Leon Jurd , Wally Mann , Bernie Hewitt , Robert Morris , Jim Douglass , Glenn McElhinney. President , Vice President etc positions will be decided at Committee Meeting later this month.

* Penalty Review Meeting – was held 7th February between HRNSW , HRICG Members and UHRA. Meeting was a result of UHRA ongoing complaints regarding ‘unaffordable monetary fines’ being levied on Participants. This was an initial ‘overview’ Meeting with next to be held in a month’s time where more specific areas will be discussed. Of course a large percentage of fines relate to Whip use and we hope this will be clarified in near future by HRNSW/HRA.

* HRICG of which UHRA is an integral Member will next meet 19th February followed by Meeting with HRNSW.

* Prizemoney increases will be a major topic at HRICG Meeting and UHRA have coupled this topic with Trainers and Drivers remuneration.

* UHRA have stated that Prizemoney increases announced in conjunction with APG Sale at new Inglis Warwick Farm Sales Complex would represent a not to be missed marketing opportunity.

*Handicapping and Programming – UHRA , HRICG , HRNSW and HRCC(Clubs) have been presented with a ‘Proposed Handicapping System for Provincial Race Meetings’. UHRA will discuss this proposal at its February Committee meeting.

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