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SEASONS GREETINGS and Best Wishes to all Participants for 2022

COVID Update

Unfortunately we did go the early crow and Amicron Covid still continues to affect us but the resilient Racing Industries press on.


In respect of the current COVID situation we have decided to hold our AGM on ZOOM , 6.30 pm Wednesday 19th January 2022. Link details will be advised in due course.

Breeding Bonus Increases

We await feedback from HRNSW and Owners Assn in respect of Trainers and Drivers sharing in the Bonus system just as Thoroughbred Trainers and Jockeys do.

NSW Harness Racing Industry Rehoming Company

UHRA fully supports the Industry Rehoming Company and Ms Flora Robson is UHRA Representative on this Company.

NR Handicapping System

In 2019 HRA introduced an NR Handicapping System with minimal consultation of Industry. ‘A Review’ in the form of written Submissions has now taken place and we thank those who took the time to put pen to paper. We await the outcome.

Amended Whip Rules September 2020

Another HRA set of Rules brought in without consultation and we understand a scheduled ’review’ has now been ‘parked’. This has become a very ‘touchy’ issue with HRNSW and we await any details regarding a Review.

From the HRICG Desk (UHRA is a Member)

We thank Participants for their feedback on our November article , specifically the section on ‘Accountability and NSW Harness Industry’. This matter is firmly in the hands of the Office of Racing and the Minister. Your support on this matter was overwhelming.

HRNSW Board Selection (HRICG position which was put to Office of Racing)

1. A person nominated By HRICG representing the Industry should be part of the selection panel.

This would be part of any Review of the HR Act and was not applicable to the recent Vacant Board Selection process.

In respect of the recent Vacant Board Position , the Industry is holding its breath.

Industry Gazette

HRICG continues to press HRNSW that it wishes to reinstate an Industry Gazette (perhaps in an altered format to previously) with a view to improving communication which would include monthly information articles from UHRA, Owners, Breeders, Clubs, Trotters, Mini Trots, etc. We perceive some resistance however majority of HRICG members are committed to a Gazette.

UHRA Interaction with HRNSW

Finally , UHRA has been asked to submit an ‘Operational’ Agenda to HRNSW with a view to a recommencing ‘Official’ Meetings. At this stage preliminary agenda items would include Penalty Review and Fines, Rule Reviews as required , Whip Rule clarification , Stewards Protocols including Inquiries, Sulky Criteria for Sulky Fund , Trial Criteria for Licensees and Sulkies , Substance Thresholds , Etc Etc

Breeders Challenge Review

HRNSW have asked for Breeders Challenge Submissions to be received by 25th January 2022

Reg u Mate (Altrenogest)

The matter goes on (and on) despite the position taken by our Thoroughbred cousins. Our resilient Breeders Association and HRICG continue to press the issue in support of our racing mares.

Welfare , OH&S

Participants would be aware of the recent abnormal spate of accidents in Races and Trials. Whilst NSW has arguably the best Race Accident Cover (Workers Compensation) and best Race Sulky Cover , we are lacking with Trial Cover for both of these issues and action is long overdue. These matters have been ‘robustly’ discussed at HRNSW Welfare and Education Committee and HRICG and whilst enhancements will eventuate, UHRA has asked HRNSW to assist affected Licensees in the interim period.

Marketing the Industry

The Inter Dominion showed what we can do but it needs to be done for the other 50 weeks of the year (like our ‘cousins’ who are already media enhancing next year’s Everest !!).

Our next Newsletter

Our next Newsletter will be penned after our AGM therefore we again wish Participants all the best for 2022 and this Committee thanks you for your support.


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