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UHRA News (4/20) Friday 30 October 2020

Breeders Challenge Finals Saturday 24 October 2020

Congratulations to all the Breeders Challenge Winners last Saturday and commiserations to the Drivers who contributed $3200 of their hard earned in Whip Fines. (An article on the new Whip Rules will appear in an upcoming BLOG).

Marketing and Promotion :

A report in The Daily Telegraph under the headline Records shattered as greyhounds take giant strides states The TAB Million Chase broke all records with a staggering $9.4 invested on the race.

The greyhounds this week announced former Harness Racing Race caller Ray Hadley as a Greyhound Ambassador following names such as Tim Cahill and Daniel Ricciardo. Harness Racing ??

Amazing what a little publicity can do !! Is anyone listening ??

HRNSW Education and Welfare Committee

HRNSW have recently formed a revamped Committee under leadership of HRNSW Deputy Chairman Peter Nugent with Participant Representatives Danny Dwyer (NSW Harness Racing Clubs), Lex Crosby (former Western Districts Harness Racing Clubs President) and Wally Mann (UHRA). We are hoping this revamped Committee will be an effective part of the Education of young Participants in the Industry. So far so good.


Is there a pending announcement on base Prizemoney ?

UHRA Membership

If you haven’t already renewed your Membership then visit our Website and follow the prompts.


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