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UHRA News (3/20) - Friday 23 October 2020

Breeders Challenge Finals Saturday October 2020

We take this opportunity to congratulate connections of all horses which are running in the Finals this Saturday and we wish the best of luck to everyone on the night.

Vale Peter ‘Big Pete’ Sullivan

Our condolences to the family of Peter Sullivan. ‘Sully’ was a foundation Member of UHRA and Trotting Associations and represented the salt of the earth, give you his last dollar, colourful Trotting personality. Sadly missed but remembered always.

Rehoming Company

As Participants would be aware HRNSW has established a separate Rehoming Company comprising HRNSW and HRICG Members as Board Members.

UHRA Secretary originally accepted a Board position however has had to stand down as a Board Member (still a Consultant to the Board) due to time constraints. Anyone interested in applying for a Board position in this very important project should contact UHRA Secretary.

Marketing and Promotion – a quote from one of Canada’s leading Owners (and Businessman):

“Harness Racing is one of those businesses where things are done backwards. I was having this conversation with some advertising colleagues yesterday. In advertising we take what is working and add to it. In advertising this is what makes affiliate marketers successful, saves companies money, and increases their bottom line.

If it’s working, keep it going and scale up”. In Harness Racing if something works, we usually have 100 geniuses that think it’s too easy, they convince others of this, and they try doing it another way. This has led to years of falling behind in any sort of progress.” Adriano Sorella


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