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UHRA Blog 3/18

HRICG Meeting and Meeting with HRNSW Monday 19th January 2018

  • HRNSW advised HRICG that announcement regarding ‘Funding Injection’ would be made the following evening on In the Gig programme. UHRA have received a variety of comments on this announcement and before UHRA makes any comment itself , we would ask that if any other Members and Industry Participants wish to comment constructively on a Strictly Confidential basis they can do so by emailing and we will attempt to summarise your comments in next week’s Blog.

  • Handicapping and Programming Forums have been conducted by HRNSW around the State with a view to listening to Trainers and Drivers ideas on improving our H & P system (UHRA has continually stated that figures obtained in January 2017 which showed that only 16.7% of horses in NSW were paying their way , means our P & H needs to be dramatically reviewed). The results of these Forums will be advised to HRICG as part of the consultation process.

  • Whips and Change of Tactics(COT) – ‘the beat goes on (and on)’. HRNSW advised Whips will be addressed at HRA March Meeting and COT at HRA CEO’s and Chief Stewards May Meeting. We again put forward that unless consensus is reached this time we expect NSW will ‘stand alone’ , as previously stated to UHRA.

  • Trainer Remuneration – UHRA will prepare submission for HRICG on this matter. For information the following were points of discussion , a Trainer Starter Subsidy , Thoroughbred Trainers receive 10% , Trainers receive no percentage of Unplaced Prizemoney which is significant in some areas including Country Cups.

  • APG Sydney Yearling Sale 11am this Sunday at Warwick Farm Riverside

If you have any constructive comments to make on any subject please contact UHRA at . Your correspondence will be received on a Strictly Confidential basis.

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