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UHRA Blog 2/18

Welcome to the second edition of UHRA Weekly Blog where we will detail pertinent Industry issues and keep you updated with UHRA action issues:

  • HRICG Meeting and Meeting with HRNSW Monday 19th January 2018

We see Monday’s Meeting as being one that will define the direction the new Board of HRNSW will take for the future of Harness Racing in NSW. The ‘big ticket’ item will be Prizemoney. With accumulated revenues from Racefields and Tax Parity the Industry will be looking for major announcements.

HRNSW have advised the Whip(14 month issue) and COT(4 year issue) have again been referred to February HRA Meeting. HRNSW have previously advised ‘go it alone’ approach if necessary. UHRA will be seeking a definitive response at HRICG.

UHRA has previously successfully negotiated Drivers and Trainers enhanced remuneration. We will put on the table various ideas for Trainer remuneration in conjunction with Prizemoney increases and one of points raised will be ‘are dramatic increases in training costs recoverable in current harness racing climate’ and our counterparts in Thoroughbred Industry are remunerated 10 percent compared to our 7.5 percent.

HRICG – a more visible presence of HRICG ie it’s composition , functions , website etc will be discussed and hopefully finalised.

Watch this space !!

(Image: Lance Fearne Photography)

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