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UHRA News (7/20) Friday 20 November 2020


As Trainer/Driver numbers remain around 1000 (Stablehands numbers have increased steadily due to tighter Licensing protocols) we are unfortunately seeing a decline in the number of Regional Trainer and Driver (and Participant) Associations.

The UHRA is officially accredited to represent Trainers and Drivers State wide (and we have included Stablehands) but is also open to ALL Industry Participants. This of course is not easy when trying to represent everyone’s views however we have always worked on a clear majority.

We have established Regional contacts and have successfully increased Memberships to include the leading Trainers and Drivers in all Regions. Our AGM is scheduled for January 2021 and we will be asking again for Participants from Regions to stand for Committee positions.

This is YOUR accredited Association and all Inquiries are In Confidence

HRNSW Rehoming Company

As advised in BLOG 3 , HRNSW has established a separate Rehoming Company. UHRA are a Member (and an active Consultant) of the Company however we are still looking for a suitable full time Board Member.

Please consider this worthy cause and advise the Secretary if you are interested.


In asking for Volunteers for Committees and Boards it is regrettable that in ‘ the current climate’ it can be perceived as a thankless task and to request someone to step into the ring is a big ask. Volunteers should not be taken for granted but should be acknowledged with due respect. Give them (and us) strength !!

UHRA Membership

Visit our Website and continue to support your fellow Licensees.


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