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UHRA News (5/20) Friday 6 November 2020


Is there a pending announcement on base Prizemoney? Unfortunately nothing has been forthcoming from last week’s HRNSW Board Meeting.

Breeders Challenge

If you are confused by BC eligibility, Regional qualifications, True Blue, Regional Series, Race eligibility etc etc ……… inquiries to UHRA suggest you are not the only ones.

The Racing Year

With a change to the Racing Calendar Year UHRA have asked HRNSW in conjunction with HRA to take the opportunity to reformulate the Racing Year with a view to a more ‘spaced’ Feature Race programming that would minimize State by State clashes.

Bi-Monthly Meetings with HRNSW on ‘UHRA Issues’

These Meetings have been affected by COVID and we have asked HRNSW to convene a Meeting as soon as possible where our Agenda will include the following items:

- NR – Handicapping and Programming

- New Whip Rules – 2 month review and assessment

- Carbine Chemicals – HRNSW Notice August 12

- Gear Change Forms and Fines

- Sulkies and Sulky Fund

- COVID Protocols at Tracks

Did you know ….

NSW Season 1999/2000 Drivers 1605 Trainers 1878 Breeding Services 2690

Where are they now:

Shane and Lauren Tritton ……..

Todd McCarthy ……….

James Ponsonsby …………..

Emilio Rosati

UHRA Membership

Our Membership continues to grow weekly. Don’t miss the boat, visit our Website and join.


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