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UHRA News (11/20) Friday 18 December 2020

Chairman’s $8.5 mill Message to the Industry

Everyone you talk to has a different slant on how we should allocate this new funding however the bottom line is that the ‘bread and butter’ races will be better off to the tune of $8.5 mill over next 3 years. Well done HRNSW.

Depending on wagering trends we at HRICG were of understanding that this amount could increase. HRICG under the astute Chairmanship of the highly respected Mark Croatto can share in the accolades for these long awaited enhancements and will ensure the foot is not taken off the peddle.

From HRICG Forum we envisage there will be some constructive points of view put forward for Prizemoney structures in stages 2 and 3.

Club Menangle Prizemoney Increases

Whilst last week’s announcement takes Prizemoney back to pre COVID levels it is still along way from the numbers bandied around in the 2008 – 2011 hype surrounding the Sale of Harold Park ie 10x $25,000 races every Saturday night , Interstate Drivers, Feature Race increases , etc etc. Foot on the pedal please !!

Can Racing NSW Get With the Program (Sunday Telegraph 13 Dec 2020)

“Every week we talk to a Trainer who is unhappy about the weights and the program. ‘A lot of us are jack of it . It’s a mess,’ one Trainer said. The Trainers also wanted it made public that they were urging the Trainer’s Association and Racing NSW to take them seriously.”

Sound familiar !!

Boss has his say (Daily Telegraph 4 Dec 2020)

The ongoing saga of Whips continued via Victoria(again) this week. Glen Boss , always forthright with his opinions had this to say recently on his objections to banning the whip:

“The whip is just a reminder to say this is when you have to be at your best and you don’t have to belt them to do that ….. It’s a tool and we need it because horses need to be pulled into line and guided every now and then.

We’re sitting on a half-ton animal and people have no idea how quickly they can do things ….. what frustrates jockeys is people who don’t ride horses being mainly responsible for pushing a whip ban.

It’s not only a safety tool but an accessory to enable a horse to perform at its best …. We should never get rid of it …. Humans are like horses. If you don’t have someone to push you, you won’t go to another level.”

UHRA Annual General Meeting

Will be held at Tabcorp Park Menangle 6.30pm Wednesday 20th January 2021. See separate Notice. We would like a Committee Nomination from each of Hunter and Riverina Regions.

HRICG (Harness Racing Industry Consultation Group) comprises UHRA , Breeders Assn , Owners Assn , Harness Racing (TAB)Clubs and ‘non-TAB’ Clubs and meets bi-monthly with HRNSW. “No place for the faint-hearted” $8.5 mill reasons to take a bow.

As this will be our last BLOG for 2020 we take the opportunity to wish all involved in Harness Racing.



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