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UHRA MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022 Season * Tick the Box *

Dear Licensee,

UHRA MEMBERSHIP 2021/2 Season – TICK the Box

Trainers , Drivers and Stablehands number over 1500 individual Participants in Harness Racing in NSW and the UHRA is fully accredited with HRNSW to represent this group of Industry Participants.

During the past 12 months the following items have been included on our Agenda:

- Trainer Remuneration – increased from 7.5% to 10% and ongoing

- Prizemoney Increases – increases announced and ongoing

- HRNSW Sulky Fund – Increased cover and reduced Premium achieved. Trial coverage now under discussion.

- Altrenogest (Reg u mate) – ongoing

- Monetary Penalties imposed on Licensees – ongoing

- Rehoming – UHRA are represented on Rehoming Company Board

- HRNSW Education and Welfare Committee – UHRA are a Member of this Committee

- NR Handicapping System – current HRA Review must be all inclusive

- HRA Whip Rules – National consultation proposed by UHRA


We have robustly represented Participants on these issues and many more, through HRICG and through HRNSW. We will not dodge ‘the hard issues’. Please follow our updates on NEWS , BLOGS , Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst we have contacts in all Regional Areas and we don’t wish to encroach on Regional Associations we would encourage more Regional input and UHRA Committee representation.

Your $10 Subscription (individual or family) and Membership includes:

- Industry News on UHRA Website

- Representation on HRICG (Industry Consultation Group)

- Representation at Meetings with HRNSW

- Support with legitimate Appeals and complaints

- Representation on HRNSW Education and Welfare Committee

- Representation on Harness Racing Industry Rehoming Committee

- Working in best interests of Licensees re conditions and remuneration

Please show your support for your Industry , the more Members the stronger our united voice. This year we hope to advise that UHRA is the largest Harness Racing Participant Association in Australia.

Please TICK THE BOX with your 2021/2 Licence Renewal and include your email address.

2021-2022 Committee

President: Jim Douglass

Vice President: Gavin Fitzpatrick

Hon. Treasurer: Leon Jurd

Secretary: Wally Mann

Bernie Hewitt

Glenn McElhinney

Anthony Butt

Cameron Hart


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