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February 2019 Newsletter

UHRA Committee and Executive Positions

UHRA AGM was held 30th January 2019 and UHRA Committee Meeting was held 13th February 2019 where elected Office Bearers elected the following:

President: Mr Jim Douglass

Vice President: Mr Gavin Fitzpatrick

Treasurer: Mr Leon Jurd

Secretary: Mr Wally Mann

Committee Members: Mr Bernie Hewitt , Mr Robert Morris , Mr Glenn McElhinney , Mr Shane Tritton

Trainer Remuneration

UHRA has corresponded and made submissions to HRNSW and HRICG commencing early 2018 on this matter. The matter is still under ‘robust’ discussion at HRICG and remains unresolved. We have spoken to as many individual Trainers as possible citing various scenarios ie Increase current remuneration from 7.5% to 10% to bring us in line with Thoroughbred Trainers or look at a Starters Fee which would benefit all Trainers. Whilst there is overwhelming support for a ‘pay increase’ if any Trainer has any comment to make on Remuneration or perhaps a different scenario, please contact us on our Website email address.

Notes for reference:

  • Trainers currently receive 7.5% basic remuneration and 5% for Breeders Challenge and Evolution Series (with slightly different distribution).

  • Since UHRA raised this issue in early 2018 HRNSW has increased Owners Prizemoney by almost $5 mill.

  • Thoroughbred Trainers have received 10% remuneration for some time.

  • When HRNSW introduced Unplaced Prizemoney , this was funded by restructuring Placed Prizemoney which in fact actually reduced Trainer’s total Remuneration for a race.

With another impasse at HRICG on 18th February, UHRA will meet in near future with the NSW Standardbred Owners Association (with HRNSW in attendance) to try to resolve the matter.

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