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UHRA Blog 8/18

Harness Racing Industry Forum 2018

The UHRA will make a presentation at The Forum to be held at Bathurst on Saturday 28th July 2018. In light of Racing NSW Media Release 18th July advising of more Prizemoney Increases as well as Trainer , Jockey and Strapper Incentives , citing Tax Parity and Racefields revenues , the UHRA will be expecting HRNSW to make announcements relating to similar significant Prizemoney Increases and Trainer and Driver Incentives.

(Visit the UHRA Home Page for more information regarding the Forum).

We expect the recent Thoroughbred Prizemoney announcements as well as Animal Welfare/Rehoming matters will be raised at various times during HRNSW , UHRA , Owners and Breeders Presentations. This would include the recent unbalanced Four Corners Report which included Animal Welfare issues. We were disappointed with the fact that some aspects of the Report went unchallenged and in that respect we include here an article from The Horse publication on tongue ties. We will be discussing the Four Corners Report with HRNSW at our next bi-monthly meeting.

Watch the Four Corners Report:

Article on Tongue Ties:

Trainer Remuneration

Trainers , Drivers and Stablehands will be aware UHRA has been making strong representations through HRIG and HRNSW for a better lot for the Participants we represent and we are extremely disappointed we have not made any significant progress.

We have put forward representations for Trainer Starter Subsidy and/or increase from 7.5% to 10% remuneration on Prizemoney to bring us in line with our Thoroughbred counterparts. It is untenable that Trainers only receive 5% remuneration from HRNSW signature Breeders Challenge races and Trainers do not receive remuneration from Unplaced Prizemoney which has actually decreased their remuneration return from per race Prizemoney.

We will be looking for something positive to come from the Forum for those who we represent.

Other Thoroughbred Initiatives

Provincial and Country Championships , Rising Stars Series , Unplaced Prizemoney. Yes ,all Harness Racing initiatives instigated some time ago !!

UHRA Change of Postal Address

Please note our new postal address

UHRA , C/- P O Box 507, CHESTER HILL NSW 2162

If you have any constructive comments to make on any subject please contact UHRA at . Your correspondence will be received on a Strictly Confidential basis.

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