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UHRA Blog 4/18

Welcome to UHRA Weekly Blog where we will detail pertinent Industry issues and keep you updated with UHRA action issues:

HRNSW $2.8 Million Funding Injection – Industry comment

Last week we asked for Participant comment and we have received several written and many more verbal responses. The feedback to date can best be summarised as follows:

  • An expectation that more than $2.8 million would be made available

  • A perception of the enhancements being ‘top heavy’

  • An expectation that the bottom levels or bread and butter levels have not been lifted high enough

  • Varying views on R races

  • What the Announcement actually means in respect of an increase to total prizemoney,

  • number of races run and prizemoney per race

We have passed some of our initial feedback to HRNSW who have explained more detail of some of their initiatives to us and we have asked them to detail those to Participants in a single document ie same format as the original announcement.

We will leave the comment line open until we see how our request to HRNSW is addressed.

Penalty Guidelines Review Forum.

The second Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7th March between HRNSW, HRICG and UHRA. This Meeting will not only discuss Raceday and Racing Penalties but also Penalties for Substances.

Unwanted Headlines.

Once again our Industry and the Thoroughbred Industry (and previously the Greyhound Industry) have been rocked with ‘unwanted headlines’ which result in current issues such as the above and matters like a thorough assessment of the recent APG Sale taking a backseat, which should not be the case.

Unfortunately it comes at a time when all three racing codes are under intense scrutiny from persons with greatly different agendas to Industry Participants lncluding those whose livelihoods depend on same. To give those persons fuel for their agendas is to say the least, extremely disappointing.

If you have any constructive comments to make on any subject please contact UHRA at . Your correspondence will be received on a Strictly Confidential basis.

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