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The United Harness Racing Association (UHRA) is the accredited body that is representative of the trainers and drivers in New South Wales, Australia however membership is open to all participants.

The UHRA was formed in 1993 superseding the Professional Trotting and Horsemen’s Association. The late Denis Bale was the first UHRA President with Kevin Newman and Colin Watts being made UHRA Life Members in recognition of their services to the previous Professional Trotting and Horsemen’s Association.

The UHRA has been the official accredited Association for Trainers and Drivers taking a seat on the inaugural Industry Advisory Board in 1994, the subsequent HRIPAC and the current HRICG advisory group.

Whilst the Association is accredited to represent Trainers and Drivers it has since 1993 been open to all Industry Participants and today has a diverse membership encompassing persons from all aspects of our Industry.

Elitloppet and World Drivers in Sweden - Pictorial

Jimmy Douglas, UHRA President & Wally Mann, Secretary attended the Elitloppet in Sweden and have sent through some images from the Event. 


The Elitloppet (literally: "The Elite Race") or Solvallas Internationella Elitlopp is an annual, invitational Group One Harness Racing event that has taken place at Solvalla Racetrack in Stokholm, Sweden since 1952.

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