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UHRA Blog 7/18

HRNSW Financial Position

At HRICG 7th May the issue of additional funding this upcoming Financial Year was debated at length with HRICG agreeing to put a further Submission to HRNSW as soon as possible. The intention of any further funding would be to address Prizemoney at the lower levels ie ‘the bread and butter races’ which represent the majority of horses in the system.

We are optimistic the HRICG voice will be heard.

HRA Whip Rule

A final Draft has been agreed between UHRA and HRNSW however is still being discussed with other State’s Horseman’s Associations. As UHRA is a member of National Trainers and Drivers Assn we are looking for a uniform and consistent application of this Rule nationally.

We again advise Participants that HRNSW have been on the front foot here and have listened to what UHRA have to say and have supported us accordingly.

Change of Tactics Rule

Finally after 5 years of angst and Participant Penalties the most contentious and incoherent Rule that has ever been introduced in Harness Racing has been removed. There will be a local Rule to cover abuse of tactics to which we do not believe there will be little objection.

In this Industry there is no point in dwelling on the past however in this instance the UHRA spoke strongly against the Rule when it was introduced and again when a HRNSW sponsored Forum was held in July 2013 and we again express our extreme disappointment in our own people who did not support the Forum and those who spoke in favour of the Rule. Shame on you and how much you may have cost your fellow participants in the last 5 years.

HRNSW have again led on the front foot here and listened to UHRA viewpoint.

Occupational Health and Safety

Once again we are seeing too many accidents and injuries on the track. Whilst there have been many complaints from well meaning persons about Ambulance and Paramedical Services, perhaps we should be looking at Racing Rules with a view to trying to avoid some of the accidents.

There will of course always be incidents in Harness and Thoroughbred Racing with horses and equipment however we have undertaken with HRNSW to try and improve our lot by consultation at Penalty Review Forum where Rules of Racing are on the table.

Sulky Fund

Under review.

Trainer Remuneration

Remains on the table between UHRA , HRICG and HRNSW. With current escalation in Fuel and Feed costs it is a pressing issue.

If you have any constructive comments to make on any subject please contact UHRA at: Your correspondence will be received on a Strictly Confidential basis.

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